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Who are the Peranakans?

The word Peranakan was originally used in Indonesia for the descendants of immigrant Chinese who have forgotten their own language and integrated and adopted some local Malay custom, and practice intermarriage with the natives. Legend has it that this unique ethnic group could be traced back to the 15th century. China under the Ming Emperor traded far and wide. In an effort to strengthen ties with the rich and strategic port of Malacca, betrothed his daughter to the Malacca ruler. The princess and her entourage of about 500 formed the first permanent Chinese settlement in Malacca at Bukit China (or China Hill).
These early settlers married the local brides and gave rise to the first generation Peranakan, the male being known as 'Baba' and the female as 'Nyonya'. The descendants of these mixed marriages later married within their own community. As a result, Malay became the linqua franca of their offsprings.
However, the babas and nyonyas continued to practise the customs and traditions of their Chinese forefathers, while at the same time absorbed and assimilated some local way of life especially in the attires of the nyonyas and in food preparation.

btw.. sangat suka word 'Baba' ok? ;)

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